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Modern Apron Software Solutions

Use real-time data to manage your airport operations

GoApron’s intuitive, cloud-based platform utilizes real-time data to help airports streamline aircraft parking management, automate scheduling, and capture revenue for aeronautical billing.

Operate without the overhead.

Easy Software to Manage your Apron

You can run your Airport. Because we can get rid of spreadsheets, manual data entry, communication errors, and billing. Our software automates resource management with scheduling, immediate payments, real-time reporting, and data analytics.

Gate scheduling

Gate Scheduling

No more phone and email scheduling. No more revenue leakage. GoApron uses real-time FAA data to schedule gate usage. Airports and air carriers can assign and track gate and remote aircraft parking usage in advance and on-demand. Our user friendly interface allows for automated scheduling.

Gate forecasting and planning

Gate Forecasting and Planning

Visualize and manage gate and remote aircraft parking schedules in seconds with our future schedules feature. Make frequent changes to current and future gate assignments seamlessly.

Real-time reporting

Real-Time Usage Reporting

No more manual data entry, no more unorganized data. All of your airline usage data (gate usage, landing, and more) right at your fingertips. Automatically generate the billing for per-turn use.

Trend analysis

Trend Analysis

Forecast your monthly and quarterly aeronautical revenue. GoApron collects and reports key airline data to help you with your everyday decisions.

Eliminate Revenue Leakage

Eliminate Revenue Leakage

GoApron automatically captures landings you weren’t capturing before, including regional carriers, diversions and GA flights. Increase revenue with automatic MGLW totals, accurate gate reporting, and integrated RON tracking.



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